You deserve to engage with life as fully as possible.

As an Intuitive Somatic Coach, I work in a deeply relational manner to evoke a rich experience for you, my client. Honoring the ways you have been in the world already, while also seeking to cultivate your own inner wisdom for moving forward, I teach you to explore your interior world with more curiosity and less judgement, to look clearly at the circumstances you find yourself in.

After a very fast paced life of being a Senior Trainer for the National Service Leadership Institute (an AmeriCorps Project), while single-parenting an amazing teen, Marissa Mae, I have turned inward in order to utilize the healing container of mindfulness-based therapy as a vehicle for changing the world. As the writer and Jungian Psychologist Bill Plotkin says, we go through many stages of development and our work is to listen, and do so deeply to find the peace and inherent wisdom within each stage.

I am doing just that—deep listening, so that you are able to do the same when working with me.

Experience Approaches
  • Nature-based Spirituality
  • Art as Healer
  • Eco-Psychology
  • Reiki II Practitioner
  • Ancestral/Cultural Healing
  • Imaginal Realm / SandPlay
  • Attachment
  • Mindfulness
  • Holistic
  • Relational
  • Co-author of "Co-Therapy: A Soulful Endeavor on a Path of Healing" to appear in Volume II of the Journal of Holistic Psychology, due out in Fall 2013.

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